Lost Acronis Secure Zone space

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Nov 28, 2005
  1. Hi, :blush: I'm new to this forum so please be patient.
    I Have a SATA 250gb drive running MCE, I purchased Acronis true image 9 to create a backup of my operating system. I allocated 25GB with Acronis Secure Zone, it asked me to reboot to perform this operation. after I did this the log informed me it completed the operation with errors. I then tried to create the image in the secure zone but Acronis says the secure zone is not there, my drive now reads that it has 225 gb now and even with countless partition software runing from boot or windows I cannot find the missing 25gb.
    Please help, I want to recover the missing 25GB. Any help would be great. thanks :rolleyes:
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    I don't have the solution for your problem, but you should NEVER make backups on the SAME harddisk!
    If the drive goes, you backups will be of NO USE at all!
    Shouldn't that have warned/alarmed you?
  3. Floater

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    The whole point of the secure zone was to create a partition that would be unafected!
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    I'd say that the most likely program to get it back, would be Acronis. They break it, they make it!
    Otherwise, get a second HD, copy your data across, make the new HD the master, and use a W98SE OEM bootdisk from www.bootdisk.com to delete all partitions and create a new one (or several), using FDISK.
  5. Char_X

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    I use Acronis Secure Zone too, it's truly safe.
    As for your 25GB, Did you try to "Manage Acronis Secure Zone" from True Image (there is on the taskbar)?
    You could resize and delete it.
    But as it's a secure zone it's hidden space to another prog.
    Also you can ask for help Acronis support, once I had a great consultation about my problem. They have high quality service.
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