Lost in "BandWidth"

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Mar 24, 2004
  1. Please all bare with me,,
    After reading several threads and posts something is really twisting my brain,,Bandwidth?

    Ok if the standard/average "Bandwidth" of an 8X AGP card is around 6GB/S and the "Bandwidth" of the standard 8X AGP slot is 2.2GB/s,,isn't that a major Bottleneck in the performanc of the card itself?
    Correct me if im wrong,, But the "Bandwidth" of the AGP card is between the VGA mem and the GPU, and the "Bandwidth " of the Slot itself is between the Slot & CPU,, That equals a major bottleneck rite? What does the card GPU do with the "Bandwidth" Difference??
  2. Rick

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    Well, it works differently than you are guessing. Good observation though.

    Most of the work is done on the grahpics card itself (graphics memory & GPU). Once the graphics card does most of the work, it sends the remaining data across the AGP bus to the CPU.

    The amount of data that traverses the AGP bus is FAR less than the actual data that is manipulated by the graphics card locally.
  3. Raiders

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    Cool, That helps a bit Rick,,Thanks
  4. Raiders

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    Hi All,
    I have another Question for ya,,i have done some research on overclocking,,i understand that as the FSB goes up so doesnt the pci/agp bus. are thare any "adverce" effects on the respective cards in doing so? I have 2 pci cards, a 1394 pci card and a 5.1 surround sound card.

    I'm looking more into it but im not reading on any thing about it.
    also i cant "Lock" my AGP/PCI bus.

    thanks again
  5. vassil3427

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    Yes there are adverse affects if you push things too far, you can kill Hard Drives, and any PCI card by overclocking the FSB if you cant lock the AGP/PCi bus...
  6. Raiders

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    I thank y'all for the wizdom,i dont mean to beat a dead horse so ill keep it short. I wont know i went too far,, till i go too far huh? LOL

    I'm learning LOL
    Thanks all
  7. Steg

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    Just to clarify - the insane amounts of bandwidth that graphics cards push today (20+gb/s) is not bottlenecked in anyway by the AGP bus. The AGP bus just transmits data to the graphics card in the form of models/textures/shaders etc. Whill the graphics card bandwidth is used for moving data about for texture filtering/Anti-Aliasing/shader calculations/lighting etc - the data for which is generated on the graphics card - not transfered over the AGP bus - so in short - the higher the memory bandwidth the better dispite the fact that the AGP bandwidth is limited to 2.2Gb/s

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