Lost my 2nd Hard drive !!

By Mousie
Dec 6, 2004
  1. G'Day... I have 2 hard drives on my cpu... & i cannot find it when I go to " MY COMPUTER " - when I go to my computer & click on D: which is my 2nd hard drive the message i get is as follows: The disk in D: drive is not formated - do you want to format it? Yes or No? " ( I have said yes..but nothing happens )
    I do have a 2nd hard drive with790gb capacity., trust me. The only thing i can remember that i've had to do is reformat my cpu when i had to reinstall windows XP on it. Since then i have lost it. Where do I start???? HELP ME
  2. mrprimo55

    mrprimo55 TS Rookie Posts: 19

    are you sure its 790 gb? haha. anyways if you need to format it, put in the windows xp cd and boot to that. there should be an option somewhere in there to format your drive. if not, depending on your drive, it might have come with a boot disk that enables you to format it. i know that western digital does this, but im not sure about the others. good luck.
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