Lots of problems caused by Acronis :(

By imabcd
Nov 17, 2010
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  1. so i installed acronis .
    i wanted to add some space to c drive so i ran acronis then went to take free space from other drives and i clicked ok .it told me to restart and i did so and the next time i started pc it came acronis resizing ur volumes..took some time and the logon screen came .i logged on .(there was no difference in space the space in volumes was the sane ) and what a suprise there were errors after error..in my antivirus it told initilization failed failed and there where errors in most of the softwares.

    so i ran chkdsk of c drive and there were to say uncountable errors ! they got fixed but there was no improvement to my problem . and i had 1 gb free in c drive but now after reparing the errors there was 6 gb left ..so is there any kind of data loss.

    a screen shot

    this error appears everytime with everything like antivirus , uniblue , media player and the application .....

    and there are also other dll errors so what can i do :(( plz help ...i cant live without my pc

    some apps which dont work

    media player


    uniblue powersuite

    ms office 10

    and much more :(((((((((((((((((((..........................

    EDIT : i downloaded and installed combo fix with gr8 difficulty and ran it ran the scan and said an error is found and it repaired it and woosh !! an unexpected error appeared and the system closed down //////// i restarted the pc and the groove error doesnt come anymore but while starting media player it comes error end program ........and chrome also doesnt works coz of chrome.dll error

    i think if i can make combofix run fully then everything may get solved ..

    and btw any other program like combofix which could help me

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