Low FPS on World of Warcraft

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Jan 4, 2010
  1. I'm having problems playing WOW WotLK especially in Wintergrasp. The fps goes down to 2fps. I've tried going to minimum settings, but it doesn't make any difference.
    My PC has Dual-core 3000Ghz cpu, Geforce 9500GT video card with 1 Mb ram. and 1792Mb ram. Motherboard is ASUS P5VD1-X.
    I would appreciate any help. Thanks
  2. KyBrewer

    KyBrewer TS Rookie Posts: 60

    Have you played it before with this computer without issue? Or has it always been this way with this setup?
  3. zeppisan

    zeppisan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    This problem is happening when i upgraded to WotLK. In northrend I get from 15-20 fps. but in Wintergrasp I get 2 fps, which then becomes unplayable :confused:
  4. KyBrewer

    KyBrewer TS Rookie Posts: 60

    You may have done this already, but I would first read the WoW forums to see if anyone else has experienced a similiar issue.

    Not knowing your level of computer prowess and myself not being an expert by any stretch of the imagination I would also ask:

    Have you updated anything else recently (hardware or hardware drivers, specifically)? Installed any other software around the same time?

    I'll try to think some more about it, but someone else more qualified may chime in too :D
  5. zeppisan

    zeppisan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I don't know if this is related, but i also have a problem with the Nvidia drivers. The latest driver I can install without problems is ver. 178.24. The later versions give me a problem. I get like flashes from the bottom left corner of the screen to where there is text. This again happens only in WoW. I've contated Nvidia about this and the person couldn't understand what was happening.
  6. Relic

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    Make sure you have up to date drivers for your 9500GT (http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us) or the LATEST drivers that worked for you before Wotlk. Also I'm not sure what settings you are playing on but reduce them to see what effect that has like your resolution. Turn off Vertical Sync too if you haven't already in the video options as that could be giving you issues.

    What was your average FPS in BC? Getting 15-20 FPS in the middle of nowhere in Northrend is not normal with your system. While the graphics are barely more demanding in Wotlk you should not be having such low FPS. Also regarding WS, is this happening while fighting in the Fort? I left the game before 3.1 came out but I can tell you that a lot of people (100+) and the combination of vehicles made it very difficult to play so I have no doubt some of that is giving you trouble. Not sure what you can really do besides besides upgrade, but 2 FPS is NOT normal and you should be getting higher. Nevertheless it'll still be lower then anywhere else when fighting + vehicles.
  7. zeppisan

    zeppisan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your suggestions. I turned off Vert Sync and I noticed some improvement. Do you think that increasing memory would help?
  8. vectorsigma32

    vectorsigma32 TS Rookie Posts: 154

    lol amm most of the lich king zone r lagy due to the high pop rate u will get a lower fps if there alot of people around lol i can be in out land and get 60 fps and port in to dalran and run around for five mins at about 15 fps for a few mins till my pc catches up XD and then it run at about 55 fps
  9. playwownow

    playwownow TS Rookie

    Northrend has a lot of phasing and you are able to impact the environment more so than before in BC. Wintergrasp will always be a ***** especially on a high pop server. A lot of these things have been fixed but I still find places in NR that bring my computer to it's knees with NObody being around :-(
  10. phantom1

    phantom1 TS Rookie

    Problems with FPS

    Hi, since early TBC i started having FPS problems while playing WoW. I remember when the problem started to happen, i was flying on my mount when suddendly all my screen appeared like "raining" (like when the TV is having bad signal) followed by a wierd sound (like lightening shocks)and then i immediatly pressed the restart button on my computer. After logging into WoW again i noticed a major breakdown on the game frames rate and nothing I tryed could solve the problem.
    I'm not a computer expert but im wondering if the problem is my graphics card? It's been too long since i have this problem and i want to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.
    P.s - I've also noticed a decreasing on fps while playing other games.

    I'm using: Pentium 4 CPU 3.20GHz
    3.22 Ghz, 1,00GB RAM and RADEON 9600 pro

    Thanks in advance
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