LTE-Advanced hits 102Mbps on public network in Korea

Shawn Knight

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The world’s first consumer LTE-Advanced network is now live and it’s living up to lofty expectations. During an SK Telecom event in Seoul, South Korea, officials demonstrated the technology using the previously announced Galaxy S4 LTE Advance.

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It is nice to have such fast internet on your end, but it is not much use when the source of information cannot provide the content for your speed.

I have 100MBit download speed here, but never was able to use it in full. At most I was able to use up to 60MBit of it when downloading files through P2P, but only once in a while, and never above it, even though the Internet Speedometer shows that my speed is 105MBit at any time.

It is only when the rest of the world catches up is when P2P becomes faster and more exciting. Right now I know no providers who would give me data faster than at 50MBit, quite a waste, it seems.