Lycoris Linux - Has anyone tried it?

By Elcarion
Oct 8, 2002
  1. Elcarion

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    Lycoris has done a great job creating a clean, easy-to-install, Windows XP-like Linux Distro. My opinion is that this is what Red Hat 8.0 was trying to be from a Windows-replacement standpoint. Overall, I'm very impressed! I'm planning to keep this for my home Linux install. I still plan to run Red Hat 8.0 at work.

    Quick, Easy, Single CD Install
    Update Wizard for OS patches included
    Very polished KDE config
    Windows-like Control Center
    Network Browser (like Network Neighborhood)
    2.4.18 kernel
    MP3, AIM, ICQ, IRC, RealPlayer, Wine, Xine, iptables, Grub, Gimp, OpenSSH, Adobe Acrobat, and Samba included in base install
    350 RPMs in base install (I consider most Linux distros to have a severe bloat problem)
    Full base install takes 833KB (whoops! that's MB)

    No Gnome in base install
    (might not be a con since KDE never looked so good!)
    No GCC in base (I think it's on CD #3 Dev Tools)
    SoundBlaster Audigy was not installed correctly
    Ximian Evolution and Red Carpet not included
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Re: Wow!

    Somehow, I think it's 833MB ;)
  3. Elcarion

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    That would be correct! :eek:

    GCC is included on the Dev Tools CD number 3.
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