Lynksys wireless router loses internet connection

By Planner4U
Apr 10, 2006
  1. Have been using my new Lynksys wireless G router at home for several months with no problems. Suddenly, both laptops (one connected by ethernet cable, the other wireless) lose internet connection freqently (10 to 15 times a day). Using Charter Cable for ISP. Both laptops still have connection to the router and the Charter cable modem box shows all green lights with internet connected. The only way to get it back is to power cycle the router. Just unplug it (the power cord) and plug it back in and all is well...for a while, then it loses connection again. Have done extensive troubleshooting with Charter and found nothing. No service outages or intermittent service. Any ideas would be apprecitated. Do I need to replace the router? Have not tried connecting one of my machines directly to the cable modem. I guess I will do that next but thought someone may have heard of this problem before. Thanks for your help.
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    What does the router itself say about the internet connection? See the status page.

    Make sure the auto-disconnect feature is disabled and the auto-reconnect enabled on the router.
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