Lynx program for web develoment class

By eightwpm
Nov 19, 2009
  1. hello all, desperately need help installing a lynx(sys) file to my win xp home sp3 desktop hdd. Ok, followed textbk. instruc. to a tee; copied a lab file which includes "lynx" file.(I am learning basics on writing web page.) directory is, c:\CIW . next step to copy the lynx\ directory to desktop(well i didnt see a lynx directory in that file) so I copied the whole file to this point should there have been a directory file? next step, book states"once yo u have copied lynx app. to desktop, open a command prompt using the following command"cd desktop\lynx." at this point I should be able to access web using a command as follows"lynx http://-- - - - - -. you get the picture. NOT,,,,,,working Please help.
    sys. specs;old I know. asus 428 mobo - intel p4 proc..- xp home sp3 - 2gb ram- radeon 9500 graphics card - also installed office 07 - adobe 9.0 plus windows live care. Really I wouldnt be doing this if I didnt have to. My first class and cant even use required software. Yikes..... by the way I have a ntfs file sys. for the record, also using cable internet
    Well fellow peoples, I seem to have got this lynx file copied and working with command prompt. Thanks for your encouragement. Until I come across another problem.
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