Mac or PC for college?

By bkouns001 ยท 27 replies
Jun 9, 2008
  1. LNCPapa

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    Glad you were able to make a decision - just keep in mind that you're mostly going to hear from people with bad to say. Most people who are happy just don't say anything. I actually own a couple of Mac laptops and a Dell and if I were to spend my own money on a laptop for myself it would be a Dell - but XPS series.
  2. kenpachi

    kenpachi TS Rookie

    Stick with a PC laptop they are a lot more affordable
  3. Ty-Man

    Ty-Man TS Rookie

    Yes, it can ba painful decision, eh?
    Mac's are great in their simplicity and creativity
    while PC's are good for school work and such.
    But I have a Mac and a Dell, and it is no more difficult to owrk microsoft word, or powerpoint on the Mac than the Dell.
    But i would much much rather have a dell than an HP.
    they are slow, and they stink :l
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