Mac OS or Windows?

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Mar 18, 2008
  1. Isn't this all "apples an oranges", when you consider that OSX is built for a specific platform. So "OOTB" operation is both expected and required. Windows runs on an open hardware spec roughly based around x86/x64 architecture. Despite this an installation of Windows tends to install/run relatively trouble free with maybe the odd problem due to a particular device not being supported. But isn't this to be expected when Windows has to cope with millions of different possible combinations of hardware, whereas OSX only has to deal with... well a Mac of some kind that it has already been tested on anyway?!
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    @jonisaksson: Alas this is what the thread needs, more unbiased commenting. I agree with you all the way, despite the fact its pretty much reiterating what i just said :p
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    Two things...

    1) Please keep it civil, I'm already seeing some forbidden personal flaming around.

    2) Here are some of my thoughts on this very matter, written back in Feb (nothing has changed since then) and posted on the TS Blog:
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    Julio, shouldn't you have brought the padlock?:haha:
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