Mac MAC partitions in Win XP?

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Hey all

I have a question that was asked to me by a friend and I couldn't provide a good answer so I turn to you....

If I have a hard drive that came out of a MAC G4, is there a way to read the data and see the partitions in XP?

When the drive was put into his computer, you can see the drive in the BIOS but that is about it. It shows a drive under the Disk management section but cannot access the data...

Is there a program out there that will allow you to read the HFS file system in a standard FAT32 configuration?



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Storm has already helped ya, but I thought I'd mention that Windows really doesn't like other'll really only read the one it is on or ones older than it, i.e. my Windows XP running NTFS could read FAT32/16, but FAT32/16 can't read NTFS. Or at least that's the experiences I've had...
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