Madden 2003 help

By thewolfe
May 5, 2003
  1. Madden 2003 help

    I have a friend with 4 GB HD with 2/3 full who says:

    Put game in and says "may not be enough memory, game
    may not work right"..tried and you just get the white
    page with blue strip across the top, hour glass stays
    on but nothing happens.

    I think orig when he tried to install it say may not have enough HD space. Also, said he needed 3d hardware acceleration.

    Any ideas or does he need more HD space. I'm not a gammer or familiar with "MaddeN 2003".
  2. bigmaxy

    bigmaxy TS Rookie

    did you say 4 gig? Then yes you need more space..
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