Major Boot error, several BSODs, vista recovery tools no use

By novah
Nov 5, 2007
  1. Major Boot error, several BSODs, vista recovery tools no use

    Okay so im going to try and spit out as much information about this error as i can just to illustrate whats going on.

    I have a relatively new (two weeks) hp pavillion laptop. payed 1300 bucks. its three days over the return without questions limit (dang). 2gigs of ram, dual centrinos, the whole mix. windows vista, blah blah. I have another similar laptop. also a hp on vista that is right now trying to pump life into its newer counterpart.

    anyways, i burned the two recovery DVD's (comp has a dvd r/w) days after i bought the computer.

    Several quirky things have happend with the machine since i got it, nothing major that i couldnt fix by rolling back drivers and the like.

    on to the setting: Perfectly normal working computer, using MS paint. and suddenly the computer crashes, blue screen is initiating memory dump. i thought MS paint had killed my laptop but then i realized i activated the wonderful HP update program minutes before. So clearly that is what is going on, something fudged up.

    Upon booting i get a blue screen.
    either says



    depending on the course of action before a hard reset, sometimes it trys to run the "crap your computer isnt booting up let me fix it" program, where it does stuffs and loads things and then windows trys to boot and, wham! blue screen!

    ive been into the bios and tried a ram check, which succeeded. then i tried a hard drive test/check and it fails.

    the really wierd part is, is once or twice among the random array of bios menus and startups, once i actually got to where windows started to load. i got past the windows load bar, and to the blue vista generic background wehre it starts to load the rest of the OS, and then it exploded and an alert box came up saying explorer died somehow (the box with the red X in it) and then kept on chugging trying to produce a desktop anyways, which resulted in a Blue screen of doooom.

    ntdll.dll has been mentioned several times in some other blue screens upon booting and what not.

    ive tried googling every one of these errors but i havent found any diagnosis regarding any fo them being entangled in the rest.

    im assuming its something wrong with what is written to the disk because of how eratic/random the boot sequences are.

    the recovery disks try to load, resulting in pagefault in nonpaged area bsod.

    like i said, i was drawing in MS paint, while connected wirelessly to the internet on a public connection, and then the computer instantly went blue screen. no freezing, no slowing, no warning. as if a screen saver popped up.

    any clues guys ? im utterly at a loss
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