Making a noisy Maxtor HD just a little bit quieter...

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I've received delivery of my second Maxtor DiamondMax 10 160Gb hard drive. Unfortunately this one has just the same very loud seek noise as the first. After a search around the net it appears that this does indeed seem to be typical of many new Maxtor drives.

Maxtor's "Amset" utility has been recommended to me, as has an old utility of IBM's. The problem is that my pc doesn't have a floppy drive and both these utilities seem to be configured for use with floppy drives only.

It might sound like a stupid question from somebody who's just built their own pc but how can I use the above utilities (or similar) with a CD drive, i.e. rebooting the pc to dos via the cd drive?


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You can make a CD boot a floppy image. Actually that is how many bootable CDs work. If you ask your burning software to make a bootable CD then it will ask you for a floppy or a floppy image.

You do realise that if you set the hard drive to a lower noise level you will lose in performance?

You could try putting the hard drive in a thick sock and hang the sock somewhere in your computer case so the drive doesn't have any solid contact with the case.
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Yep, I'm aware of the loss in performance but the thing is damn noisy. I'll have to check out my cd software to see if I can do that bootable cd thingy.
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