Malware redirecting websites, and opening malicious websites

By Sernomicus
Nov 29, 2008
  1. I opened pandora's box so to say the other day. I downloaded a file that contained an exe file, and it then tried to install about 10 viruses on my computer, or that's my approximation. The firewall blocked 8 of them at least. It's my guess something still slipped past it, since I started getting random virus alarms from the the firewall in the middle of nothing particular for a couple of days, and then yesterday it couldn't handle on of em, and it basicly busted my windows. I've gotten this up and running somehow again, and since then I've ran 3 deep system scans and deleted around 10-15 viruses.

    There's still about 5 viruses in the computer none of my anti-virus problems can deal with, some of them find em, but state that they can't do anything about them.

    Well, the main problem now is, I have some malware, dunno if its the viruses or something else, that redirects my browser to a hoax page which then very persistently tries to get me download something that's very obviously full of malware. It's highly annoying. Also, my browser opens a specific russian website pretty much randomly.

    I'd like to know what I can do about preventing that from happening. I did download peer guardian 2 to see if I could block out the ips the malware is connecting to to open the sites, and I can't be sure yet if it's working.

    Also, I did that only to the installer site because everytime the russian site opens, peerguardian detects at least 10 different Ips connecting from different sources to different destinations.
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