Many different in Geforce 6800 and 6800 ultra?

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How many different in 6800 and 6800u?I know basically core speed,memory speed and pixel processor.But i have 6800 and i got mark only 3015 in 3dmark 2005 why?And while i play doom3 with high not ultra can't get nice FPS farcry also.So what shall i do?Keep using these card with overclock or sell
other one?And how much got with 6800u in 3d mark 2005?


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You do not say what resolution you are trying to play doom3 or far cry in, or what the rest of your system specs are.

Also Doom 3's ultra quality mode is really designed for graphics cards with 512mb of memory (although it does work on most cards that have 256mb okay).

The main difference between the 6800 and the 6800gt or 6800ultra, as stated is the reduced number or pipelines from 16 to 12, but also the reduction in memory bandwidth as the gt or ultra use GDDR3 at 1000/1100Mhz
whereas the 6800 uses DDR at 700Mhz.

3000 marks in 3dmark 2005 is a decent enough score, since 2005 is a pure directx 9.0c test and really stresses most cards.

You may be able to "soft-mod" the 6800 into having 16 pipelines instead of 12 by using RIVATUNER, or alternatively there are some guides to "hard-mod" the 6800 now available, but as always this may or may not work.

I personally would stick with the 6800 for the time being, and wait until the next generation of graphics cards before upgrading.


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Th3M1ghtyD8 is right on.
I got myself a MSI NX6800TD-128 (non GT nor Ultra).
Got a 3272 3DMARK05 score, wich is not bad at all. :slurp:
downloaded,installed RIVATUNER and unlocked the 4 extra pipelines and vertex shader. Result : 3729 3DMARK05 score.... :haha:
Then overclocked the card to 375Mhz core and 875Mhz Mem.
Now my score is 4345 in 3DMARK05 :bounce:
I even clocked it to 395Mhz core and 900Mhz mem. Then the score was 4540 :hotbounce , but the temp was running arround 60°C at my video core and I found that to be too hot so I switched back to 375Mhz core and 875Mhz mem, then I can stay at 56°C and stable.
Counterstrike video stress test in 1280*1024 res with 4xAA and 4xAF and got myself a blazing 91.5 Fps

Other stuff in my pc :
Asus K8V-SE deluxe mobo
AMD 64 3200+ clocked at 210 FSB = 2310 Mhz
2x 512Mb Kingston value DDR400
2x 120Gb Maxtor SATA-150 in RAID0 on the promise onboard controller
SB Audigy 2 ZS


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hello, I am relative noob to performance kit, having just upgraded from an Athlon XP 1700 and Geforce 3 Ti 200 lol.

I tried a Geforce fx 5500 with 256MB ram and tbh it's little better than my GF3. We tried my sons 9800 Pro and this is 3 times better than the 5500.

So I have ordered the MSI NX 6800-TD 128 hopefully arrive by the weekend.

My new PC stays untouched until then, I'll not upset her by sticking the 5500 back in.

OK to the point, well I'd like to try to get similar performance from my card as you managed tfcw2000.

I wondered which version drivers u used and what version of RIVATUNER.

Finally unlocking the 4 extra pipelines and vertex shader, is this pretty straight forward in RT ? and OCing too ? I have not used the SW before.

Cheers, Shire


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OK, I managed to unlock the extra 4 pipelines now running with the full 16 n1.

I ran 3dMark2005 and got a score of 3928 :D but only at 1024 x 768 resolution.

I think its a decent score ? is it ?

If it is an OK score at that resolution then I don't think I will try to overclock, maybe something for the future if my system can't keep up with the latest games.

for some reason I couldn't insert image ?

Cheers, Shire


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Dont forget all, that 3DMark programs are synthetic.. just because a test makes a number on a screen and majority opinion = it doesnt make it so.

It should only matter when you play the game "in game". Doom 3 will run at about 80fps on one setup, but with ut2004 for example you might get close to 200fps.

Is this to say the hardware is completely dependable? No. Look at the programming engine for Halo for the PC, and UT2004 for the PC. Both newish games, but play very differently in terms of pace and detail.

each to his own is the real benchmark to be fair..

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