Massive quake halts Japanese tech, automotive production


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rajwraith said:
What enrages me though is how cruel some people are behaving at youtube. The affected are uploading videos of the earthquake, and people are saying that they're fake! I mean, how dumb and heartless could you be!!
I think you can take comfort in the fact that these ignorant few are a minority. I would imagine, well I'm actually hoping, that most of those comments are from people who do believe its real and just want to cause trouble to seem cool or something. I don't understand it myself, must be a dickhead thing.

Its a little disheartening that some will use this disaster to scam people out of money, but unfortunately that's the world we live in. The fact that all the post have been positive (with the exception of the less then intelligent trolling Guest) is a good sign that most people care. Sorry didn't mean to preach


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Rasta211 said:
Hello TechSpot members, I am living in Northern Japan near the coastline (Kuji City) which is mostly intact. Electricity and internet have only recently been restored and I'm still waiting for water service to be restored to my house. The waves that reached my city were about 2 meters high but due to the structure of the city most of this water was absorbed into 2 large rivers that past through the city.
A 30 minute drive from my city and you will find the same kind of city you see in the news media and such.
Currently the major roads are blocked by debris and major stores had partial flooding keeping them closed. The earthquake itself was bad, but the Tsunami is what most Japanese people fear and as you can see on TV, for good reason.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.
Well Best Luck to you to, Hope you and your country will get out of this catastrophe ASAP.