Max Quality for F.E.A.R.

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I need a new video card. I want to play First Encounter Assault Recon at max capability, but unfortunately on the box, they only tell you the min req, which is usually not enough to power a small toaster.

What I have right now is not important, as it is on board and insignificant; I am looking for good quality for less than it would cost to sew my left testicle back on.


You havent even said what pc you have. Without even the barest of information, how do you expect us to come up with a card that will work fine for you?
Your pc could have pci only, or it could have agp, or it could have pci-e.

We are not mind readers.


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Your post reeks of misinformation. My father's PC is an aging Pentium 4 1.7GHz 'monster' with a GeForce 6600 AGP and 1GB of DDR RAM. It runs FEAR perfectly smooth on medium quality. Your thread title indicates you need maximum quality, but your post indicates maximum capability, in which case my dad's machine fits the bill.
And rik is right. Do everyone a favour and fill up your system information in your profile, so whoever is able to help you can do so without going hunting for information. Even if it's a proposed build, fill it in, since something is definitely better than nothing. Also give us a budget, since we can't estimate the cost of sewing your left testicle back on.
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