McDonald's hacked and customer data stolen


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McDonald's servers were recently compromised and hackers were able to get access to customers' e-mail addresses, names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, genders, as well as certain information about their promotional preferences and Web information interests. The sites affected were:,,,,,,, and

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I'm lovin' it

Why would McDonalds need customers email addresses?
Do they send out email alerts?

Dear __Valued Customer,
Today is your lucky day! You and ___1.2 billion__other lucky recipients are cordially invited to McDonalds to __witness the bimonthly changing of the deep fry oil__on the__11th January 2011__.
We will be running a __24 hour__ offer to mark this special occasion, which consists of __a 65% chance that the cashier speaks your language__and__a mostly disease free burger assembly staff who aren't hopped up on illegal substances__
Looking forward to __watching you visibly age whilst waiting for your order_and once again providing you with that special McDonalds experience.

Best wishes and seasonal greetings,
Day Shift Manager, Franchise #275698854


What kind of ***** would give McD's ANY kind of personal information?


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an apology letter from McDonald " We are sorry to all our customers, we are working around the clock to correct this security exploit. We are giving all of out registered customers a free BIG MAC meal (with super size of course) and a free shake. These meals can be redeemed at your local McDonalds nationwide. Please be patient with us as we correct this issue"


Let's see. What shall I do today? I know, I'll give my personal information to Ronald McDonald. I'm sure it will be safe with him. Oh, bye the way. Could I have my identity theft SuperSized?


YES! Thank you sooo much for that. Quite frankly I think that just made my day.


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If you see my some geeky looking kid coming everyday with free coupons, it was probably him, notify your local authorities immediately, he is a threat to national security, matter of fact grab a gat turn it sideways and get gangsta on his *** :p
There should be always a certain number of honeypot accounts/data in every system, so would be easier to get some leads when being contacted with data from the accounts.


I agree, I think it was the Hamburgler, in the Play Pen, with the Verizon netbook.