MCE, WinTV PVR, video, no audio!?

By Trying2Hard
Sep 24, 2006
  1. Hello, I'm new 2 the site, looks to be very tech saavy. I have recently purchased a MCE computer, has the WinTV PVR 150, I am trying to record some of my son's baby videos from VHS-C camcorder, using the s-video and/or yellow/white composite cables from the camcorder. I used Windows Movie Maker, captured video but no audio. Same using AVS video capture. I have Realtek HD audio, sound is hooked up to generic sound inputs connected to motherboard. I do not have a separate sound card. How can I enable capturing audio using these sources. I have been recommended to use coaxial, but shouldn't I be able to use other (better, reduce loss of quality) resources. Does it have something to do with software, MediaCenter, sound properties, device manager? Help 4 newbie?
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    Try using WinTV2000 that came with your WinTV PVR 150 card instead. Now if you want to record live TV and etc... Goto You'll also find me there too..

    Video you'll need to use the Intervideo drivers that came with your card
    Audio use DirectX: Sound drivers instead with your Sound Card

    Make sure you have video codecs loaded you can find that on use to search for free codecs. There are free packages that contains all the codecs for video and audio.
  3. Trying2Hard

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    still no audio capture

    I got this message from Hauppauge: "Movie maker doesn’t work with our pvr units. Go to our website and get our middleware and applications and decoders." I'll definitely try this but (again, newbie) I'm thinking these are software? are "decoders" and middleware (I know what spyware is) "drivers?" Bear with me. IR
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