Medal of Honor Allied Assault troubleshooting questions

By Jackal1
Oct 24, 2007
  1. Hey all,
    I've been trying to get my old medal of honor game to work. I installed it before leaving home (along with a few other games) but I forgot the CD, so I found a no-cd patch on the internet and away I go. The game loads fine and I can change settings as I please, but as soon as I try to start a game, it freezes at the loading screen. I'm sure there's error messages in the console, but when it freezes I can't get to the console (or anything, for the matter) until after the game closes, which does me no good. I don't have an error message for you because I don't if I can catch it. I just got the latest drivers (this is for a.... *sigh* Toshiba Protege M400 Tablet PC) for my video card. Anyone have any idea where to go from here?
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