Media Player doesn't forward

By sussertown
Nov 7, 2010
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  1. There are a lot of videos for which WMP will not forward within a chapter. In many cases it simply starts over. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.
  2. jamesodriscoll

    jamesodriscoll TS Rookie Posts: 91

    Hi sussertown,

    im not sure how you are trying to skip forward throught the videos in WMP but i assume you are using the scroll bar across the bottom.

    There are two ways to skip throught a video within WMP
    1) using the seek bar when playing back
    2) clicking and holding the "Foward Button" looks like >>

    Hope this helps

  3. sussertown

    sussertown TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sometimes I'm watching a wmp production on line. I may be at a woodshop site. Sometimes I'm running a video I got with a new tool. The proprietary videos are the worst.
  4. jamesodriscoll

    jamesodriscoll TS Rookie Posts: 91


    with online videos i tend to let them buffer first. this makes it easier to play back.


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