Media Player plays blank on TV using NVidia FX5200, "Native"full screen on TV is fine

By Pat Bell
Jan 21, 2005
  1. I have a Windows XP Pro shuttle that I am using to display both to an lcd screen and a tv (SVHS). I have just installed an NVidia FX5200 graphics card. This displays excellently in full screen mode (NVidia native) on the tv whilst Windows Media Player play fine on the monitor. However I want to use the media player's full screen mode instead of thNVidia's native option (to give me control on the TV) but when the mediaplayer (Windows MP and others) window is showing on the TV it shows blank on TV - no codec errors just dark rectangle with sound.

    I have the latest driver from NVidia. I presume that NVidia's native full screen uses some different display mode, I dunno, PAL I guess and perhaps the desktop is RGB? I have tried a few different options for the tv but so far they all say '...not supported'

    Any ideas anyone?
  2. slavster

    slavster TS Rookie

    sometimes the size of the video screen in media player matters, consult the manual and check what size video should be played. i remember having problems playing video zoomed 200% but i could play fullscreen no problem. also check your card's manual and make sure you are streaming it to the tv properly. in some cases, like yours, only black screen will be visible because of the streaming options. if you have s-video output, you should be able to find some options either in your card's drivers or manual. im not of a lot of help but i one of my friends did have the exact same problem with his 8500 but he fixed it and i dont really remember how but it was an issue with the streaming like i already mentioned. good luck
  3. Pat Bell

    Pat Bell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Solving 2nd displayu problem

    Almost solved, yes it was to do with display resolutions and the display mode. Clone only works if both resolutions are set to 800x600. I havent been able to get media player playing on the TV in 1024x768 though except in dual view mode. I'd like to get it working for Clone mode since surfing sends new IE screens to the primary display.
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