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Mar 28, 2005
  1. Hey, I am fixing a computer for this lady, and she "says" lighting hit it, but I don't know what really happened. Anyways, it's a Dell 4500S and I looked up the manual on it to look at things. I found that the lights in the back tell you whats wrong with the computer when you turn it on. The lights, according the manual, are indicating that my memory is not inserted correctly or it is bad. Could this really be the problem? Those lights wouldn't light up like that for anything else that is wrong would they? I really hope it's just the memory :grinthumb
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    That Dell memory could be very expensive if it is the RAMBUS type.
    However, it could also be that lightning DID strike, and then anything could have "burned".
    Take the memory out and reseat it.
    If the PC still starts, go to and run their memtest program.
  3. Justin

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    RAMBUS hasn't been used for years. What makes you think it would be? I don't even think I've ever encountered a dell model that used rambus ram, if there were it was only a few models.

    Yes, memtest86 is a great way to test the memory. The best way to troubleshoot after that is to replace it and continue to test. Dell motherboards tend to be very picky about what sort of ram they will accept. Try to match as much as you can, including but not limited to size, speed, density, timings and manufacturer.
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    ok well i should have said this before... but the computer will not even come on... the screen stays black. It's not the screen because i have tested it. The lights in the back are still indicating that the memory is not inserted or it is bad. So, is there anything I can do to reset the memory, I have tried to turn the computer off and take it out, I tried it in both slots, but still nothing. But I can't go to that website if the computer won't even turn on. I can match the memory, it's nothing out of the ordinary, it's a 256 pc2100 ram stick. I think I might borrow a good stick from my friend.. he has a dell of almost the same model.. and see what that does. Thanks,

    P.S. if you still know anything that I can try then please reply!!
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    You definately should try another stick of ram before anything else... so good luck.
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