memory options for K7S41GX motherboard

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Feb 11, 2007
  1. I have a K7S41GX Asrock motherboard that supports PC2100/PC2700 memory. I want to upgrade, but it's hard to find such memory. Can I safely use other memory types on this board? For example, a PC3200 downclocked to 333Mhz? Thanks.
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    Wow, thanks, this was very helpfull - it seems DDR400 works just fine. I also found that dual channel is not for me.
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    Remember to replace it all with the same speed. You cannot get good performance if you add DDR400 to the slow DDR266. Also, get quality memory, not value ram, for best results. Sometimes and, among others, have better prices and free shipping on the memory you need.
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    Raybay is spot on. Never ever mix ram speeds unless you like getting bsod's and random crashes.
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    the RAM speed (DDR333, DDR400, etc) rating is the maximum speed at which the manufacturer guarantees stable operation. The motherboard determines the RAM's actual operating speed. you can always install faster RAM, it will simply run at whatever speed the motherboard sets. if you have different speed RAM sticks installed, all sticks will default to the speed of the slowest stick.

    according to Overclockers New Zealand, your motherboard/BIOS has full overclocking options. The difference between DDR400 (200MHz actual) and DDR333 (166MHz actual) is only 34MHz. even though your board doesn't officially support DDR400, you can probably bring it up to that speed without an issue.

    also, Value Ram should not be confused with generic RAM. Generic RAM often causes compatibility and stability problems. Value Ram made by good manufacturers like OCZ, Kingston, Corsair, Crucial, etc. the RAM is good quality, but runs at slow timings (but is often still faster than generic RAM). IMHO, Value RAM is the best option for you.

    cheers :wave:
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    What do you mean by value and generic RAM? Like quality brand vs nameless chips?

    And about the brands, those listed by you are the only best? You didn't mentioned Kingmax for ex, is it good?

    If there is a power fluctuation, will the higher speed memory chips lose data faster? Cause I got one strange reset once in the middle of my work and I'm not sure why. The motherboard it's not a new model, but I bought it as new recently (I have 2 years warranty for it), so there shouldn't be problems with it.

    I also got several sudden restarts when using GMAX (free 3d tool) with OpenGL driver selected. Can a software error cause instant restart? Everything else work fine, even if I use the entire phisical memory, so my current RAM can't be faulted, I guess.
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