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May 21, 2009
  1. can anybody help me with my memory timings? i want to maximize the performance of my memory, my problem is, i cant change the voltages in the bios, only the timings, and im not sure what to put in the memory timings. ive posted pics of my system. pls help. tnx
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    Hi aceedee,
    what would yield you more performance than changing your memory timings is matched pairs of ram as your board supports dual channel, and you are running it in single channel mode. i see you have 1 stick of pc5300, and the rest are pc6400. you can lower your memory timings if you want, but you will not notice a difference in performance. matched pairs running in dual channel will get you a 10-15% overall performance increase.
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    Daanger....Incoming.... Brace for as Stupid Question....

    Why is this machine necessarily in single channel mode?

    No, I didn't look at the attachments, I want you to read them to me, actually just the cliff notes will do.
  4. red1776

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    Hi Cap,
    because he/she is running pc5300 and pc6400 for one,mixing 1gb and 2gb sticks for two, probably other differences. not very conducive to dual channel :)

    ohhhhh....duh, his pics are of cpuz.....says single channel mode.

    and I looked up his board, supports dual channel.
  5. captaincranky

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    Intel sez.....(And so do I for that matter), that different speed DIMMS will run in dual channel mode. This I know, because my internet "turdputer", has 2 different speed DIMMS and it says it's running in dual channel mode. Cha A-0- 256MB PC400 Ch A -1- 512MB PC333 Ch B-0 256MB PC400 Ch b-1- 512MB PC400 system info tells me it is at 333Mhz Dual Channel. Or, possibly it's blowing sunshine in my ear because it wants to sleep with me.

    The largest DIMM should be placed in slot 4. (or with a 1 & 2GB stick, 1GB in A0 & 2GB in B0)That way the memory should run in "Flex mode", all the lower memory addresses will run in DC, and the highest (Hex addresses) will run in SC. So, as an example Slot 1 512 slot 2 512 slot 3 512 slot 4 1GB. In this example you would have the lower 2GB in DC and the last 512MB running in SC.

    Intel says this, and I believe them. As always, your results may vary.

    When I try stunts like this, I always try them with generic RAM. If you're mixing different flavors of high performance RAM, that may be the problem.
  6. red1776

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    i agree, dual channel is usually very forgiving, but it appears he has slot 4 empty, slot#1 1gb 5300, slot#2 1gb pc6400, slot#3 2gb pc6400, slot 4 empty, that would kill the deal right there.
    he was originally asking about changing timings for better performance, lowering the timings wont yield him measurable performance increase.

    the ram is kingston, so im guessing generic. not the pretty blue stuff.....or even better....the really beautiful gold stuff! LOL :)
  7. captaincranky

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    I'm thinking try 1, 2, and 4..? It's worth a shot.

    Another thing is those reporting programs aren't always accurate. What is the BIOS saying? The GSkill I have is 1066Mhz, BIOS tells me it's running @ 1066. System Information for Windows calls it 800Mhz. Decision of the BIOS, like that of the judges, is final

    And as to "pretty blue stuff" HA, you should both be so lucky!...(cue demonic laughter).
  8. aceedee

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    tnx guys for taking time answering.. yup its kingston value ram. im gonna try moving the 3rd stick into slot 4. and also im gonna try using only the pc6400 sticks and see if theres to running it in dual channel mode. how can i do that? thank you again
  9. Tedster

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