Memory upgrade frustration

By BayMick
Nov 12, 2004
  1. I am trying to increase the RAM in my eMachines T2825 from 512M to 1G. It has a slot for the other 512 that I am trying to put in but when I do I get this series of beeps and the monitor doesn't even come on. Both 512's will work by themselves but not together. I did try and use both in the slot that was empty by themselves and neither work. I had the same problem with the original motherboard and sent it to eMachines where they replaced it and the processor...but I get the same results when trying to expand the memory. I have tried at least 4 different memory sticks and the last one I ordered from eMachines (for $150 no less) and it doesn't work with the original samsung stick I have. The one EMachines sent is Micron. Anyone heave any ideas?
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    Suggestion 1: open windows (in your home), throw out Emachine. Aaaahhhh... Peace.

    Suggestion 2: unless you do intensive graphics such as video-editing, you don't need 1GB of memory. The speed-increase (if at all) will be less than 5%.

    Better to change the pagefile-settings. On the partition where Windoze is located, keep a fixed pagefile of 10MB. On the first partition of a second HD (if you have one), make a fixed pagefile of about 800MB (minimum size = maximum size = 800MB).
    Run a full defrag of all your partitions/harddisks.
    Clean your PC of unused programs. Have only those programs starting at boot-up that you always need. Quicktime e.g. is NOT one of them.
    Try that first before you waste anymore money on memory.

    Suggestion 3: swap motherboard for a decent one.
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    I think some ram speeds don't work together like a 3200 512mb which runs at 400mhz i believe and lets say a 2100 512mb which runs at hmm 200? Find out how fast they are.
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