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Dec 30, 2008
  1. hey i was just wondering when you are in task manager and you go to performance what is a good cpu usage and memory usage at the moment my cpu usage is at 4% and my memory usage is at 1.13 GB if thats bad is there a way to fix that?
  2. xXxZxXx

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    CPU Usage is always good when its lower and its higher when your computer is under heavy loads just depends on well your computer can handle certain things. The more memory unused the more you can multi task I'm guessing your using Windows Vista tho? Correct?
  3. firz3h

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    yeah vista :approve:
  4. hrlow2

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    CPU looks OK, but 1.13GB memory? If there is that much memory being used, you must have some very RAM hungry apps running in the background.
    My own machine( HP Pavilion, 2.6GHz P4 and 1GB RAM is showing only 297MB used right now with
    Opera browser
    Comodo CIS
    online with 4 tabs open.
  5. xXxZxXx

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    Yes, hrlow, he's using Windows Vista and that requires alot more memory.
  6. hrlow2

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    Another good reason for me to stick with XP.
  7. captaincranky

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    Windows Vista "Superfetch".......It's In There....!!

    Vista "prefetchs" applications it thinks you're going to use in advance, and leaves them running in RAM until you launch the application, The quantity of available available RAM will always appear lower in Vista than XP.

    However, should you choose to summon different apps than the ones Vista has chosen, the OS will release the memory needed immediately to those tasks.

    Vista's required memory for it's own needs is higher than XP's. (For that matter, XP needs more than the previous versions of Windows). Accordingly, memory usage will always be higher in Vista than XP. However, due to the prefetch, it's not as much higher as it appears.

    Since, the machine shows 1.13 GB in use, I'm guessing that there's likely 2GB installed,which should be plenty.

    Your CPU idle usage, is slightly higher than would be the case in XP, but nothing that should cause concern. This is dependent on the number of startup apps running. Resident security applications consume quite a few clock cycles as well.
  8. MetalX

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    My computer has 4 GB of RAM, and 3.12 GB are in use right now. Now, utorrent can sometimes take a lot of memory, and it is, at over 500MB at the moment, but even when it's closed, my RAM usage is still 2.5 GB, and I see no slowdowns. It's because of what captaincranky said. Vista preloads applications into the RAM, and then if you run another program that's not in the precache, it empties that cache to free up memory for whatever program you are running, should it need more RAM than is available without emptying the cache.
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