Memtest-ing ... opinion on results please.

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Dec 8, 2005
  1. Hi, slowly solving some stability issues (which, at the moment I am happy with placing squarely on Windows... grr). Buuut, I did run memtest obviously expecting to get no errors on my shiny new 1gb (2x512) of OCZ Gold Gamer Xtreme... sadly I got a few. Mind you .. an 8 hour test, 25 passes and 5 errors. Nothing to get worked up about right?

    Ok heres what happened, test 8 (1,0 string something test) the errors came up pretty scattered across the pass numbers (2,5,7,11,18 then none) but the addresses were nearly consistant. Cant quite remember it (dull moment, I didnt have enough time this morning to write them down before I had to power the machine down). Anywho, just wondering if any of you lot had an opinion on what this looks like to you. Something to worry about?


  2. swker98

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    im by no means an expert but ive heard if memtest gives an error it means your ram is bad, , are you having any unstabibility with your system latley? i know ocz has a lifetime warrenty so to be safe i would just get he rma and have them send you new sticks
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    Yeah, that was my problem. The reason for running memtest. I dont really want to wait around for OCZ to post me back some RAM. Spose I will check BSOD minidumps with the possible repeating bad address. REALLY dont want it to be the ram.

    Thanks anyway,

  4. Nodsu

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    Looks like bad RAM. Duh.

    If you get a handful of errors in the same location then it is most positivbely a bad RAM chip. If you had motherboard/temperature/setup issues then you'd be getting thousands of errors all over the place.
  5. patio

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    Also how did you run the tests ? ?
    Ideally you should test one stick at a time to determine which stick it is...
    Keep in mind however that it tests ALL system memory including CPU if applicable and or vid card memory as well.
    So if the address errors are at a real low number it could be the vid card as well, although i've only seen this once in 11 years.

    patio. :cool:
  6. Tag

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    Got an email from OCZ saying that AMD64s dont like tight timings without higher CPU voltage. Have optomized things a bit (mainly CPU multiplier down to 10 and freq up to 240) OS stability is better. No BSOD as of yet, but apps and games CTD quite often. gonna redo Memtest with proper settings.
    Will repost with mem addresses and possible relevent hardware.
  7. Vigilante

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    I might also mention that "memtest86" may not be able to handle testing of the newest stuff.
    I recommend using "memtest86+". Note the + sign. It is more optimized for current hardware. Get it at

    Good luck.
  8. Tedster

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    memtest is updated every so often. just make sure you have the latest version.
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