Metal Gear Solid: Rising confirmed for X360, PS3 & PC

By Rage_3K_Moiz
Jun 2, 2009
  1. "Konami's Hideo Kojima took to the stage yesterday as part of Microsoft's conference at E3 2009 and revealed a new Metal Gear Solid title was on the way called Metal Gear Solid: Rising. The game will apparently be based around the character of Raiden.

    In a surprise twist though the game will now be multiplatform and is confirmed for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC according to journalist resource Games Press.

    Currently listed with a TBA release date, Games Press added platform details for the new Metal Gear Solid title shortly after Kojima made the announcement. Konami itself hasn't confirmed any formats for the title other than the fact that it will definitely be coming to the Xbox 360, but since the announcement didn't include any mention of it being an exclusive..."

    See the whole story here, courtesy of bit-tech.
  2. carolina17

    carolina17 TS Rookie

    Metal Gear Solid Rising is going to be a big project

    Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima said :
    "We're redoing the engine from scratch, and it's going to look amazing. It's going to be a big project like Metal Gear Solid 4. The entire team is serious about making it look as good as possible on every platform,"

    Check the rest of the article at

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  3. Twister123

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    MGS !jesus its nearly become a religion, remember the length of the cut scenes on the last one , and I only realised I could skip them near the end of the game ,ha!
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