Micro office and reloading on computer

By ply4free
Mar 10, 2010
  1. My computer crashed! when I was reloading op system, programs, office would not activate stating it was already installed on another computer. Had a hard time with microsoft getting it reactivated.
    In the future when I am wiping and reloading a system should I uninstall office before formating? Does this tell microsoft that that copy is no longer active on a system so it can be reactivated later with no problems.
    And if I dont have a copy of the original CD should I use key finder to get Key code for reinstalling? And is the key code information stored on each CD or is that just used when microsoft activates it? What I am asking is can I use an activated copy of office (CD) to activate a different key code. ?? Hope this makes sence.
  2. mak50

    mak50 TS Rookie

    what about your already purchased key?
    are you forget?
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