Microphone is not working in Windows XP

By mayankonmail
Oct 20, 2011
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  1. Hi,

    I have windows XP and when I am trying to connect a headphone my ear phones are working but not the microphone.
    I checked it under the audio and sond devices properties on wondows XP. on the audio tab -> Sound Recording - it says no recording devices

    my head phoe is not the USB one but when I borrowed the logitech USB headset for my friend - microphone of my PC is working find for that headset.

    any suggestions to digout and correct the problem.

  2. Thattechman

    Thattechman TS Rookie

    There is a pink jack port on the back of the sound card that is for MIC. Also see if the MIC is muted from the volume control. In the volume control select Options>Advanced Controls. Then in the MIC section press the advanced key and select Microphone +20db Boost. (this will make the sound more loud)

    Get a new mic if it doesn't work. Hope this helped tho!


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