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Microsoft bans 600,000 360s from Live, plans for more

By Justin ยท 80 replies
Nov 10, 2009
  1. rowey

    rowey TS Member Posts: 52

    Its funny how so many guests are so verbal on this issue, is that because they dont want to be shamed by using their usernames ?
    This topic makes me laugh, I pay for games just like others, some are great some well!!
    The point is moded machines represent a risk to microsoft therefor they have simply taken action to protect their interests.
    Why people would complain when they're main cause of this issue is dumbfounding, You got caught out doods, Deal with it.
  2. siiix

    siiix TS Rookie Posts: 29

    solution sell that xbox and get a pc ;) at least there you dont have to pay to play online... its a no brainer
  3. Hm, Wrong. I've done it. You really think Walmart takes it out and checks the s/n? Sorry, your obviously a *******.
  4. Its all good. We (my team and who whole modding community) have found ways to bypass as always. Modders will always win. They update, we find ways. No stopping us. I dont have a modded xbox but i know alot of people who do and i like to write some of hte programs for them.
    Im a computer hacker, but i do it as a living not to mess other people up. I have a dagree in police hacking and cracking. Fun job for anyone who likes that stuff.
    But no matter what we will win.
  5. I do it because im to lazy to make an account and i wont be comming back to here. But that is true and its good they are trying. But doesnt matter. What they have to understand is if they ban the softmodders (people who flashed the xbox) only then its going to make them go farther into it causing more problems. I have everything ready to mod/hack my box but just dont have time. But when i do, i promise that i wont be caught. And ima spread my program around. I already unbanned 30 of my friends using it. Just wait. Microsoft has alot comming twards them.
  6. What about those who are banned mistakenly. I have the 2009 jasper 360 and was just playing without going onto live for a few months. Then when i get internet on and try to xbox live it says this console has been banned from xbox live. A brand new xbox now. Still under warranty but i don't have the receipt to take it back and exchange. I don't see anyone talking about that, i guess no one knows about us huh?? Call microsoft and they say they don't see my console as being banned on their computers but if it tells me my console is banned then to bad they can't do anything. Saying they don't make mistakes. Now im going to have to save my money for 3 years and try and buy one and hope they don't ban me again to make me buy another one. Help me somebody. My e-mail is
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