Microsoft: buy Windows 7, get a free portable 500GB HDD


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While browsing around on we stumbled on a deal posted on the Microsoft Store. If you buy a copy of Windows 7 Professional Upgrade, which costs $200, Microsoft will throw in a portable black Seagate FreeAgent Go 500GB hard drive. For those interested, the dimensions are 3.15 x 5.12 x 0.49 inches (80.01 x 130.04 x 12.44 mm), the weight is 0.35 pounds (158.75 g), and the transfer rate goes up to 480Mbps.

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Hmmm free hard drive huh sounds like a good way to bring in new customers alot of people still have less space on there computers than this 500GB HD.


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This is good deal. But what about those people who were one of those people ppl who tried it first. I am die hard fan of window and upgraded my OS from Vista to windows 7 ultimate, as soon as it came to market. But with this i don't know how should i feel. As a consolation i can just think that i got almost one year extra to use it compare to people who are going to buy now.


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Good way to get people to buy it. For me a 500Gb is nothing fancy. But its almost enough reason to get me to buy it... Then again I like XP more than a free 500BG HD. Ill stick with what I have :)


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malner said:
Slovenia is in EU and we can`t buy Windows 7 Family Pack. Why are we left behind?
You can either move to another country or just wait some more.
The free 500GB is a good move.


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What about the free hard drive in the EU? Microsoft have had a good idea but think of how many people have already bought windows 7! Wish they had done this at release as I would have gone for that!


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I thinks a professional is about 50 bucks more expensive than the Home Premium. So, even if I was a home user, I would spend the extra 50 bucks and get the professional. Come on, 50 dollars for a 500 GB hard disk? Thats awesome.

Microsoft is looking to accelerate the sails of Windows 7 right now, because there are only two years left until Windows 8. And the sooner people buy Windows 7, the sooner they'll jump ship with windows 8. I'll stick to Windows 7 though, unless Windows 8 is something special.


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This would be a great deal if it was just for plain old Windows 7, not the Professional version. Non-the-less, there will be a lot of happy upgraders


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this would definitely get me to buy windows7 if i didn't already have it.

i think its a great move, people love their portable hard drives...


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Microsoft should go back and give all it's loyal users who switched on day 1 500 gb externals too :)


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This is a sweet deal. I've been trying to find someone to take advantage of it, but most people I know have already upgrade or *gasp* are Mac users :(


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The problem is that its an upgrade(i can live with that) and of course NOT AVAILABLE TO CANADIANS again....


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That's not a bad deal at all! However, if there are any uni students like myself, you can buy the win 7 professional upgrade version for 30usd!! Nevertheless, a free portable hdd would be really useful. I'm hoping it's 7200rpm, rather than a 5400rpm one =D