Microsoft cuts price of Xbox 360 Elite, kills Pro

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Aug 27, 2009
  1. Corwin613

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    You can get online with the Xbox for free you just can't play online for free

    Another point i thought of is that Microsoft was primarily a software company until they started with the xbox so if your buying hardware from a software company then you can't expect there to be problems with it....
  2. Xbox all the way. PS3's game selection is straight up awful, the extra stuff it comes bundled with (Wi-Fi, Blu-Ray, etc) Is pure convenience. Blu-rays look incredible on a high def tv, but not all people care for that. Myself, I want my gaming console to play cool games with. Wi-Fi, well most serious online gamers would prefer an ethernet to wireless any day, but that of course is largely determined by the quality of your wireless router. And with the Xbox's new hardware, the red ring of death syndrome is largely eliminated, coupled with an intercooler I wouldnt even worry about it.

    Go 360.
  3. i am getting an xbox 360 elite in a few days. the reason i prefer the xbox 360 is becuase when i played it at freinds place, the graphics were amazing, you could play online and play older xbox games on it. a real money saver too.
    xbox 360 elite ps3 gaming gaming
    yes yes
    but not very good tv included
    yes with
    xbox live gold tv included

    xbox 360 for life!!! the elite especially rules!!!!!!!!!

    no offense to ps3 fans but ps3 online sucks compared to xbox 360.
  4. hheemmpp

    hheemmpp TS Rookie

    A PS3 appears to be a better deal then an xbox360, free internet access, blue ray etc..
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