Microsoft deploying forced Windows Live Messenger upgrades

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Sep 16, 2009
  1. A few weeks back, Microsoft gave users of Windows Live Messenger versions 8.1, 8.5 and 14.0 the choice to upgrade their software. As of last night, though, the update is no longer optional. Users of the older messengers are required to install version 14.0.8089.726 if they care to sign in.

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  2. I love msn messenger. You just can't beat the nudge. It is the single greatest thing to happen to instant messaging.

    As for forced upgrades, if there were any worthwhile new features other than just fixing security issues it might be more appealing.
  3. This forced upgrade is bull crap. The newest version of msn is a piece of crap. Tried it, and hated it.
  4. Go to the programs folder, select the executable, go to compatability, select Windows 2000, run the executable, use MSN like normal and not get any prompts.
  5. Vrmithrax

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    Hey, I don't really mind forced upgrades so long as they fix more than they break... Of course, in this case, I could really care less, we stopped using Live Messenger months ago when it regularly locked up many of the computers in the office here... heh
  6. Also using the compatability mode for Windows 2000. Which works great.
    I don't like the new live messenger at all.
    I also have a slight of color blindness and can hardly see when somebody is away or is in dnd with the use of those colors in the new messenger.
  7. windmill007

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    I use the new one no problems. But I really think they are forcing the update so people can't use other programs to access the msn messenger service.
  8. I, too, don't like the new upgrade. Since I was forced to install it, I can no longer access my email account unless I go to a search engine and bring up Hotmail and then log in that way. I tried to contact Windows Live Messenger, but all I get when I click on a link is my toolbar across the top of the screen. Nothing else. I hope this is a temporary problem. I hate upgrades. I've never had one installed that worked better than what it was before. Usually just cause more problems.
  9. Thank you for the compatability tip, I can finally log into WLM 8.1. I despise the new version of WLM. I don't see why they need to make so many visual changes instead of just applying the "security" upgrades to a working version.
  10. This is nearly tragic. When this new version first came out, I tried immediately and I lost all my contacts. I couldn't see any of them, re-add them or add new ones. So I bowed never to use it again until they fixed it. Now version 8 won't work anymore and I'm screwed, because I never found a solution for this problem, and they fail to deliver one. I've deleted my contacts cache folders again and again, uninstalled and reinstalled the bloody thing a zillion times, and done everything anyone ever suggested me to do and nothing works :(
  11. Another Typical Inconsideration from the Microschmuck corp. These people continously think below there belts ! there are many of us still on dial up connections and this is a five to eight
    hour upgrade if you don't loose your connection . I really reget buying a computer with a ms system , next time a mac ! after all, it's all there's ! I hope one day every one of it ! has to pay for our lost time ! while we are just trying to keep with the world we have wondered into we don't need to be made to upgrade to what we just don't need ! I use mine to conveniently keep up the possible needs of my parents and the microschmuck clan needs to complicate something as simple as basic text. you can bet there's some type of spywhare looking at key codes at our expense. they deserve every bit of boot leg copys out there ! Hell they'll just have the rest of us pay for it !
  12. This forced upgrade was the sole reason I moved to Pidgin.

    Pidgin's amazing.
  13. i did the win 2000 compatible thing but now neverytime i open the messenger win XP repairs the program and i have to start all over again setting it to win 2000! How can i prevent win XP from doing that?
  14. What a mess, MS push a badly coded new version not needed and prevent any futher use of MSN!!
    all this trying to impose a lot of new pieces of craps / live.
    Only one thing to do, is to acces to MSN database throught pidgin on ubuntu ....
  15. have just come back from hols and tried to sign in to messenger, i got the message cant sign in have to download new version, i have tried this and when download gets to 100% it just rolls back again to the start, i have disabled firewalls but still no joy, fed up with the thing at the moment.
  16. That compatibility worked!! Thanks a lot!!
  17. After two failed attempts with dial up , I did the compatibly adjustment and it worked great ! you might put it up with a little more detail for the novice, some have never seen these below the surface adjustments and really won't know where to start.. Terrific Contribution ! ! !
  18. More than meets the eye ! the new msn messenger upgrade also adds a browser, add on, a browser helper object . so while there at it guess they figure they will add modifications to your browser , more typical microschmuck ram it down your throat, upgrade or die tactics ! can't really trust in microschmuck . I'm a bit angered , Don't like do or die upgrades ! American ! still like a choice or two. no one standing there when you buy your new computer warning you of microschmucks do or die upgrade practice. poor poor business practice. Classless !
  19. Could 'Guest' from yesterday at 2:42 AM please provide a little more detail re: the "Executable" and "Compatability" fixes to select windows 2000! I can get into the Programs folder but am becoming a bit lost looking for the "Executable" [assumed 'esc' were always hidden, or, am I looking in the wrong place ?...and at my age need some tender guidance]....thanks for any help that could be provided as I to tried the latest version out about 2 months ago and deleted it and went back to 8.5 immediately ! If forced into the latest MS IM guess I'll revert to Yahoo Messenger.......Ontario Senior
  20. I have MSN Messenger 7.0 (Build 7.0.0820) and it is perfert.
    I would recommend to keep this version. Pete C.
  21. Egads. I tried the little compatibility mode trick thing on my Windows Live version 8.1, and it worked...for about 5 seconds. Pretty much as soon as I was in, it kicked me out and shut down the program. Did I do something wrong? Is there anything else I can try? Please, I absolutely despise the newest version, but I love my 8.1.
  22. thats what i was refering to earlier! Win XP tries immediately to fix the messenger every time you start up your computer! The operating system does not like it if you run messenger in compatibillity mode for win 2000 and wants to fix it! My question was how to get around that but none of the "specialists" on here didnt even care or give a **** in general to answer yet! Well, whats new wonder microcrap treats his customers the same way since the users are not a tad better! Kinda the elite of computing...lmao!!!!
  23. I personally love msn but these bloddy forced upgrades are CRAP, I can't use my webcam anymore when it was perfectly fine before with the old version!!!!!!!!!!! Messenger should not force this but make it OPTIONAL.
  24. Here is a link for a fix, which I have applied with great success:

    Scroll down to "Force Update "hack" for MSN", and follow the instructions.
  25. T77

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    sometimes its nice to force these upgrades,or else people will never upgrade.its irritating!
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