Microsoft Flightsim X stability problems

By Paul.Anthony
Feb 23, 2007
  1. I'm having untold problems with flightsim X on my machine. The game will normally load fine, when i select a mission and load it, it works for ashort time then locks up my p.c. I've had pixelated screens and lock ups. i've had the blue screen of death and then all the alerts to microsoft but with little help with a solution. A guy from microsoft gave me some suggestions but none helped. I've tried various ATi drivers, from the one that came with the card to the very latest one from the ATi website. Has anyone any other solutions. I don't play any other games i just want this one to work without crashing.
  2. Lars7

    Lars7 TS Rookie

    Hi there and welcome to the board.
    It would be helpful for us if you posted your system

    Down to the operating system.....then we have a starting

  3. Jesse_hz

    Jesse_hz TS Maniac Posts: 545

    Do other games and applications give you the same problems or?
    Did the game ever run? If it did, what have you changed since then?

    If other games will run it might indicate a problem with your install of Flightsim X. If you can't get any games to run, it's probably either bad RAM or a overheating of one or more of the system components (GPU, CPU etc.)

    Try monitoring your GPU and CPU temps while playing the game and maybe run some stability tests like SysTool and MemTest.

    Also, what OS are you running?
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