Microsoft gave Snoop Dogg an Xbox Series X refrigerator for his birthday

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Fo rizzle: What do you get for a rapper who has everything? How about something that never existed before. That is exactly what Microsoft did for Snoop Dogg's 49th birthday last Tuesday. Now the rapper has the only (that we know of) Xbox Series X themed refrigerator.

Almost immediately after Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X, the refrigerator memes started rolling in. Although it was surely unintentional, the XBSX really does resemble a tiny refrigerator, and Microsoft took the kidding about it in stride, even posting a meme of its own to Twitter.

But now the refrigerator meme is a reality. On Friday night, legendary rapper Snoop Dogg posted a video to his Instagram account showing off his new working refrigerator modeled after the Xbox Series X. It even has a glowing Xbox logo in the upper-left corner, although it does not serve as a power button as it does on the console.

The refrigerator was a gift from Microsoft for the rapper's October 20 birthday. Xbox even stocked it for Snoop before delivering it. It contained an XBSX birthday cake, some Xbox bling, and several bottles of gin and juice, of course.

Snoop Dogg deleted the video shortly after posting it, but not before a Twitter user was able to grab it and share it with the world (above).

As for thoughtful gifts, Microsoft nailed it. Snoop is an avid gamer and has done cameos or provided voice talent for several games, including True Crime: Streets of LA, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Way of the Dogg, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and others. So a next-gen console-shaped fridge stocked with gold chains and gin-n-juice was the perfect birthday surprise.

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Are you really a snoop fan then?

That is probably his most famous song.
Never claimed to be one, but it does make sense

Apparently, gin and juice (also known as a "paradise cocktail") goes well with a particularly potent form of marijuana called "Indo," which is mentioned in the chorus. The clean version has the word edited out.


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OK, that's just awesome!

Talk about creative advertising plus generating goodwill :)

I feel that the fridge should have had some sort of screen that would have allowed Snoop to play Xbox in his kitchen...

well... you can play Skyrim on a fridge, so why not?


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Like I said, that‘s not what *I* associate(d) Snoop Dogg with. For some odd reason that was pot, but what do I know ?‍♂️

I did learn something today though, so that‘s cool.

I think you missed the other half of the context which mentioned that Microsoft sent a refrigerator. Not a grow tent. Hahaha


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I think you missed the other half of the context which mentioned that Microsoft sent a refrigerator. Not a grow tent. Hahaha
Yeah, not knowing his affinity for Gin and juice that confused me.

But I think he‘d have appreciated a grow tent, as well ?


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That dude is a hate monger, hes certainly not the laid back cool person he once was. he should have stuck with smokin, and no booze, alcohol has made him a mean drunk.