Microsoft has quietly started selling Windows 11 licenses

LOL then why were both my retail copies of Win 3.11's 1st floppy on 1.68MB formatted floppies then explain that oh and so was the first floppy of the windows 95 upgrade set. Unless you've tried to copy them you wouldn't know I always made a backup of those disks so I know how they were formatted
ZedRM is possibly being very specific about this, on the point of a technicality. Microsoft used DMF (Distribution Media Format) which had the same total capacity as the 1.68 MB format, but differed in terms of cluster sizes and root directory entries.
Unless you can prove it with evidence, that never happened. ALL Microsoft software distributed on 3.5" floppies were limited to the 1.44MB variety at largest. There might have been compression used, I don't remember.

However, we're very much off topic here.