Microsoft is bringing an AI-powered editor to Word


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CEO Satya Nadella revealed Ideas during a keynote on the first day of Microsoft’s Build developer conference. The tool not only recommends rewriting certain phrases to improve their clarity but also offers synonyms and alternative phrasing, all of which should cut down your proofreading times. It justifies and explains each suggestion, allowing the user to learn and, hopefully, improve as a writer.

Ideas also brings benefits to those reading documents. The feature provides estimated reading times and decodes acronyms using the Microsoft Graph, but one of the best elements might be the way it extracts key points from a document, so you don’t have to wade through every line.

Another part of Ideas is the Word Designer, which aids users in styling various parts of a document, including tables.

All this will be familiar to those who use Grammarly—the premium, subscription-based version offers similar features as Ideas and is available as a Word add-on. Google, meanwhile, has its own AI-powered grammar-checking feature in Docs.

Office 365 customers will be able to check out a preview of Ideas in Word this June. It will be generally available to all users in the fall.

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Squid Surprise

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How long before my essay on geopolitics contains a subliminal message to buy Microsoft products? And don't tell me they're not considering it :)

Uncle Al

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This just continues to support the worst idea of allowing people to build papers & publications when they don't even have a decent understanding of the language or even basic writing skills. This lacking of skills also generates another bi-product which is the inability to understand what they are reading. Combine the two and you have a near illiterate society that can generate lots of pretty words and the inability to comprehend them. Hmmmmm ..... strangely, it sounds like something the Dept. of Education would be promoting .....


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The ending to this article makes it sound like even old version of Word don't have a thesaurus or grammar-checking capabilities. This strikes me as an evolutionary change to the existing writing tools and a re-brand, which is pretty much Microsoft's MO.