Microsoft launches OneDrive, complete with new features


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Last month, Microsoft announced that it would rename SkyDrive to OneDrive, after it lost a trademark battle with British Sky Broadcasting Group over the "Sky" name. Today, the rebrand has gone live, along with a number of new features that...

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Obviously Rupert Murdoch must be higher up the illuminati pecking order than Bill Gates!


One drive to rule them all,
One drive to find them,
One drive to store them all,
And in the darkness bind them.


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I wonder if Air Force One will be using One Drive. They both seem to be about navigating the clouds (pun intended).

Martina Thomas

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I read the new from Cnet first. First I thought that this is a change for marketing or branding reason. But after reading this post I came to know about the fight against "British Sky Broadcasting Group". But the good thing is that they are not only changing the name, but also coming up with new features which is most important. The amount of free data storage is 7 GB and people could get more 8 GB through other techniques. It is great. I also like the reference scheme for getting more space.