Microsoft offers $30 Windows 7 upgrades to students

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Sep 17, 2009
  1. LNCPapa

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    Not really sure how anyone can get upset over MS's old products - have you not been able to use them throughout the years? The only Windows OS I feel MS ever mistakenly put out was WinME - it's the only piece of absolute garbage I've seen from them. Everything else works pretty much as advertised. Would you have rather not used any MS operating systems until you could use Windows 7? Then you'd be completely new to the world of computers unless you used linux or Mac.

    I just don't get what people are so upset about - they've helped bring computing to the mainstream. They've nudged hardware developers to get us faster and faster parts and pieces. If it wasn't for Microsoft you'd be playing a game of Photoshop on your Mac right now.
  2. Engadget did a test recently as to how long it would take to upgrade from Vista to Win7. It took a little over 21 hours on their performance PC.

    An average college student, makes more then $200 in 21 hours.

    It may seem at first that $30 is a great deal, but in the long run, its not.

    So save your money and get your self a full copy of Win7.
  3. Jos

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    How is buying a full copy of Windows 7 going to speed up the update process? You can still perform a clean install if you purchase the upgrade version and that should take less than an hour even on a low end system, according to the same article you mention.

    That 21-hour update was sort of a worst case scenario setting (650GB of data, 40 applications, on mid-end hardware, and during a 32-bit upgrade). Other settings tested showed the Windows 7 upgrade time to be faster or equal to a Vista SP1 upgrade… Don't spread the FUD ;)

    By the way, those tests were conducted by Microsoft Software Engineer Chris Hernandez and posted on his blog; Engadget covered the story.
  4. I just went to pre-order and the only option is Win 7 Home Premium: 32 or 64 bit.
    There is no option for Win 7 Pro. Even thou under terms and conditions it lists Win 7 Home or Win 7 Pro.
  5. Jos

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    As previously mentioned by Docnoq in this thread: once you get the confirmation email and click the link, you should see a yellow strip in the middle of your page that says "Need to join your school's network domain? Click here." Clicking that link will take you to the page with Windows 7 Professional for $29.99.
  6. you should just be grateful to be getting it for 30 dollars!
  7. fair!
  8. Us students pay tens of thousands of dollars for education, not to mention the time and effort we invest. This is microsoft's way of rewarding us. It's not favoritism. Don't be cold just because students are being rewarded....they're the ones who need it the most, more than you maybe.
  9. Why isn't the Ultimate upgrade offered in this promotion? I have Vista Ultimate and would like to get access to this special upgrade offer, but to the Ultimate version. Please tell me the story behind not including it in this offer.
  10. SNGX1275

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    Students don't need the features of Ultimate. The could need the features of Pro because of the Domain stuff.
  11. It didn't say anything about this being an upgrade... but after ordering it I got a notification for Win 7 Professional Upgrade.

    The problem is I am using Win 2000 (don't have much money). I can't use this upgrade now?
  12. SNGX1275

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    You can probably install it without a key first (they let you do that for 30 days), then "upgrade" your keyless install of 7. Thats how it worked with Vista, and I haven't heard of that being changed.
  13. I accidentally ordered Home Premium rather than Pro. Is there any way I can change my order?

    Robert Wycoff
  14. cfitzarl

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    I just pre-ordered Home Premium for $30. I'm waiting for the 22nd now ;) .
  15. The windows 7 upgrade is actually incredibly lax in what to upgrade you from - you can only do a full 'upgrade', i.e. with settings migrated, from same version vista (32/64 bit) - however doing a clean install (even with the upgrade disk!) can be done with just about any os installed on the system - I've successfully installed an 'upgrade' on a windows 7 rc system! WinXP (even unactivated ones?) seem to install fine too - it seems it just detects that there's some version of windows on the system and then installs.
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