Microsoft Office Excel 2007- Automatic Subtraction

By cozzielex
Dec 2, 2009
  1. I am creating a worksheet about financial repayments, where the repayments are irregular.

    Say for example the total repayment is £1000 and I put this in cell D1 ( alongside other headers). I am putting the repayments in column C, so the first entry would be in cell C2.

    What I want to know is whether or not there is a very (I mean VERY) simple way to format column D so that any entry in cloumn C will be automatically subtracted from the first figure of £1000 and subsequent running totals and if so will I also be able to format column D as a £ figure (I know how to do that but not with any other formatting)

    Yes, I know I sound very lazy (I am), but my maths are poor and it will be a long list, so if I make just one error it will be a load of hassle.

    I would be obliged for any assistance.

    Thank you
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