Microsoft posts SmartGlass walkthrough, launching alongside Windows 8


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Microsoft is pushing ahead with the barrage of announcements it has planned for the week. Writing on The Official Microsoft Blog, Yasuf Mehdi talked about the new entertainment experience from Xbox, with a new update rolling out today for the...

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My old iPhone 3gs did this a couple of years ago with my apple tv. Microsoft is finally catching up, but will it flop like the kinect I bought and have never used.


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Lol, didn't read the article. just wanted to post because I saw a scene from Game of Thrones in the front page articles.


You say that light this product and kinect have any crossover whatsoever in terms of their development by MS on release. Everything is already there for this unit to work and flourish. It's like the free software XBMC, only done in a way that MS would like it. And quite frankly, it looks better. If this can interact with win 7 I'll be a happy man.


This all depends on if the TV shows and games bother to work with this. Either way, I don't think it will work. The Wii U is designed for that, but the Xbox is not.