Microsoft readying a multi-touch Arc mouse?

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A new product listing for what is being called the "Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse" has prompted speculation that the software giant may be whipping up a rival to Apple's Magic Mouse. The device is listed with the product code RVF-00003 and has an MSRP of around $70 (the same as Apple's device), according to Long Zheng of istartedsomething. Zheng also notes that Microsoft registered the domain "" in March, which is currently redirecting to Bing – a common practice for the company's placeholder sites.

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Eh? I like the fact that on normal mice you actually get some tactile feedback as well as the click, comfort, etc...this thing seems to defy all of those aspects.


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Looks uncomfortable. I haven't found a really good mouse since the days of the MS Trackball Explorer. My Logitech mouse comes close but using it is inconvenient on my way-too-small slide out tray.


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Hmm like its really 'laborious and uncomfortable' having to press buttons on a mice.


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Won't take me from my trackball. My keyboard does 99% of what these "innovative" touch devices do, people are just centered around the pointing device too much these days.
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