Microsoft reportedly in talks to acquire Discord for over $10 billion


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I like being able to post whatever I want on discord without having to worry about some tech giant getting a bug up their rump
For private servers not for public ones. Those have mods. Private ones wont change. Oh btw, any Discord mod can still everything. You arent hidden or protected as you think.
Any server can be reported on tho, even the private ones.


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Discord isnt mixer. Mixer was never established and streaming wasnt actually in MS plans.
Discord is well established and as a chat client its a smart move for both companies. Discord wants n needs to be less gamer oriented and more business as that where the real money lies at.


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Companies buy other companies for 1 of the 2 reasons.
-A business that is fundamentally profitable to add to the portfolio
-Market Share. Which is basically 90% of all tech acquisitions. Build users, get sold, gets monetized.

What Discord has, which MS doesn't, is an all game and platform encompassing gaming social platform which allows MS to get a foothold on this market segment without needing to build their own tools and woo users, while simultaneously deal blows to its direct competitor like Epic, Steam, Nintendo and Sony as it now owns the platform many of their users use already; imagine getting GamePass ads on the official Playstation channel. Discord have interest in selling because there is no guarantee they would remain "gamer central"; their value is market cap, not their profit.

Darth Shiv

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I think ur tin foil hat is on too tight. If there is one company thats not out to get you, it's microsoft.
I'm not concerned by them being malicious. I'm concerned by them being incompetent or not caring. Most of Microsoft's acquisitions go to junk. Maybe a $10b one is one they actually care about what made Discord what it is but I'm not holding my breath.

Darth Shiv

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Yeah....they bought Skype.....and in a world where everyone is currently working from home, almost no one uses it now. Perhaps they'll rule the market with their changes to discord, just like they rule the streaming market with Mixer.....oh....wait.......
Teams is the new Skype.


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Does anyone know if any petitions have been set up yet to ask Discord to reconsider selling?