Microsoft shows off Windows 10's new Start Menu


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The "new" look is simply the old look but smaller.

My preference is for a "Win7" style menu on the left (with favorites on top, most used below, and a link to "All Programs" at the bottom) and Win10's Tiles on the right.

But the problem with Win10 Start Menu isn't the GUI, it's that it's a bandwidth hog and Spam Delivery device.


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"icons on the left of the Start Menu are no longer placed inside blocks; instead, they sit next to their names."

This is nice, I don't care for the rest. I disable live tiles and remove everything from that pane except for weather.


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I am looking at it but cannot find any differences to the current one which is the worst... I use windows 7 start menu because it is more usable.


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If you take everything off the tile menu on the right and start again putting your own 30-odd most useful things into categorised sections. - I have one for office, one for development tools, one for utilities etc. Now stretch to fit your screen width. You end up with a very fast and easy to navigate quick launcher.
I think the main problem with peoples perception of the start menu is the nonsense it ships with. I just remove and often uninstall the apps it comes with and happy days.
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It will still be useless. Putting all shortcuts in 1 level makes start menu too crowded hence useless.
It should be nested like windows 7 or before.
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Mike E

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Stardock's Start10 allows you to use the Windows 7 Start menu. I use this on all of my Windows 10 computers.


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If there's a way to f it up, leave it to Microsoft. If they want to "fix it", then look to the past and Windows 7. A few mods to the Win7 start menu and you have a winner!
Current Windows 10 Start Menu >>>>>>>>> Windows 7 by far. Don't look to Windows 7, feels prehistorical in comparison.
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Get your WIN7 Aero back. I "had to" install it on my mother's computer. She told me to get rid of those, "God-awful tile things!" So I did.

It stopped being developed in 2017, but it still works flawlessly (for me).

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