Microsoft to offer $199 Xbox 360 'Slim', Kinect bundles

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Jun 21, 2010
  1. RealXboxMaster

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    I disagree. Why spend $300 on a video card so you can only play 1 0r 3 games that will support it and worry about your video drivers, sound drivers and other pc specs not being up to par inorder for you to play it! I'd rather spend the $ 300 on a already sucessful console that is already opimized for ANY game the developer can create and make it run on the 360 with no problem and in HD 1080p.
  2. mattfrompa

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    though I prefer consoles to play my games on (to keep work and play separate) I can see why someone would rather invest in one high end machine that can play games, watch videos without restrictions ( disc regions anyone?) and complete demanding work as well. Also I doubt anyone would argue graphics or sound quality when it comes to pc vs console. there is simply a wider range of options available, with a higher ceiling. Also keep in mind that many xbox 360 games do not meet the requirement Microsoft had set for all games to be at least 720p. However I also wouldn't say that well polished games look bad on xbox 360 or PS3, and hopefully more than a handful will look good on the wii 2 or whatever they will call it. perhaps next gen would be the time to bring back the name Revolution? lol
  3. Lol. Windows has the "Blue Screen of Death" and now X box has the "Grey Screen of Death".
    @ RealXboxMaster
    Correct me if I am wrong but the X box cant actually do 1080p right?
  4. tengeta

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    Sleeker and smaller, AKA easier to overheat. Stupid consumers want everything out of one thing, and complain that its the companies fault. Yeah, they really set that trend right?
  5. I always enjoy reading the comments for gaming articles. People are so opinionated about what gaming platform is best. Frankly, I think they are all great!

    I used to play PC games exclusively, and they were always a blast. But I guess I just got lazy and didn't want to have to worry about maintaining my computer for games and went and bought an Xbox 360 last year. Totally fun! Xbox has some really good games. This year, I bought a Wii and a PS3. Both of those consoles are also really fun to play. And Bluray movies look awesome on the PS3!

    But, I am just going to have to throw it out there. Still the best/most addictive game ever made - Dr. Mario. I have been playing that game since the original NES and the new Wii port is excellent.
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