Microsoft to skip a mid-cycle Xbox upgrade, while Sony is already working on PS6 and Vita...

you pretty much described a current xbox,
When was the last time you played a PS game on any Xbox? That's the key difference between what exists today and what I was just suggesting. Also, using standard PC components. So, nothing alike except for perhaps some of the backend that helps to make things a little easier to develop for both.

If they put out a "Xbox Machine", where it ran a true Windows OS that was optimized for games and could run any PC game, suddenly you have Xbox, PS, and any PC game on those consoles, and Sony would have some motivation to allow Game Pass on the PlayStation, otherwise why buy a PS at all?
That's an interesting idea! Although it is unlikely now, who knows what the future will bring for gaming platforms. Maybe one day we will see more integration between consoles and PCs.
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It's also interesting to think about Sony's reaction to such a scenario. Would it be to their advantage to let Game Pass into the PlayStation, or as you rightly point out, would it potentially call into question the existence of the PS as a separate platform?